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- The site is now available in English. The site automatically recognizes the language by defect of explorer Internet. Or you can also choose the language on the page of entry of the site.


- The guestbook was modified already a small moment ago but I had forgotten to put it in the news! Thus now the guestbook does not depend any more a another Internet site, it is a guestbook 100% 4for2 lol.


- The part "options of the site" was open. You can now change the color of the site (Blue, Red and Green). Other colors will be available later. The installation of the colors red and green are not completely finished.


- You can as of now delivering your opinion on videos thanks to a survey.
- When you click on the increased photograph, in part photograph (members and "fans"), a diaporama starts.


- All videos were modified. They have a intro and credits of end. There are 12 videos on the whole.


- Addition of 6 new videos. The old videos was withdrawn and still of others will be put in a few days.
- Addition of the words of Sweety (last composition finished of the 4for2) with the basic music!


- Addition of 2 photographs in the part: "Fans".


- Addition of 4 photographs in the part: members of the 4For2.
- Modification of the photograph of the biography of Lennie.


- Addition of the photograph of Stéphane in squirrel.


- Addition of the animated Penguin of François.


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